Valley Farms, LLC

Beef By The Cut


Tenderloin            $26.00/lb

Porterhouse          $18.00/lb

Rib Eye                $16.50/lb

Sirloin                  $15.00/lb

NY Strip               $16.00/lb

London Broil          $ 7.50/lb

Flank/Skirt            $12.00/lb

Sirloin Flap            $12.00/lb

Sirloin Tip             $ 9.00/lb

Eye of The Round  $  8.00/lb

Cube                   $  7.00/lb

Chuck                  $  6.00/lb



Bottom Round       $ 6.00/lb

Top Round           $ 6.00/lb

Round Face Rump $ 10.00/lb

Chuck                 $  7.00/lb

Brisket                $  7.00/lb

Eye Round           $ 7.50/lb 



Ground Beef (approx 1lb. pkg)  $8.00/lb

Ground Beef 6oz. Patties pkg of 3 $6.00/lb

Kabobs                 $ 8.00/lb

Back Ribs              $ 5.00/lb

Short Ribs             $ 6.50/lb


While supplies last. Beef by the cut is USDA inspected and packaged and cryovac sealed. Side pricing available by request.



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