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We are a locally owned and family operated farm in Mansfield, CT. Although we have only been in business for a few short years our herd and customer base continues to grow.

Animal husbandry is of upmost importance to us and our animals not only eat well but are housed in a humane manner and handled with respect. Clean, potable drinking water is provided at all times to our animals.

Our meat contains no growth hormone implants and no antibiotics. This means that other than being made into retail cuts, our meat is unmodified. No additives, preservatives, tenderizers, red dyes or shelf-life extenders are added.

We sell beef in quarters, halves and whole steers and can deliver to a butcher of your choice or ours. We also now sell beef by the cut which is slaughtered and packaged at a USDA facility. Our pork is raised usually from May to around October and can also be purchased by the half or whole pig.

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